Yong Tau Foo Folded

Layer upon layer, each press and fold is handmade with a personal touch to impart an irresistible bite to our products.

Jin San

Dried Bean Curd, Surimi, Onion, Sesame Oil, Pepper, Seasonings

Fu Pi Pian

Bean Curd Skin, Surimi, Chicken Meat, Vegetable, Seasonings

Jin Yin Pian

Dried Bean Curd, Surimi, Seasonings

Otak Chicken

Bean Curd Skin, Chicken Meat, Surimi, Onion, Curry Powder, Seasonings

Pian Hiang

Bean Curd Skin, Surimi, Vegetable, Seasonings, Pepper, Spices

Dumpling Prawn

Dumpling Skin, Chicken Meat, Vegetable, Seasonings

Sotong Hiang

Bean Curd Skin, Cuttlefish, Surimi, Seasonings, Shortening

Tou Pok

Bean Curd, Surimi, Vegetable, Seasonings